Floyd Mayweather Directs Homophobic Slur At Conor McGregor

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Floyd Mayweather Jr. has been criticised after directing a homophobic slur at Conor McGregor during their promotional tour in London.

After appearances in New York, Toronto and Los Angeles, the Mayweather and McGregor tour stopped in the English capital ahead of their blockbuster showdown in Las Vegas on August 26.

And it was the most controversial confrontation yet, as undefeated boxer Mayweather and UFC star McGregor traded barbs.

Amid accusations McGregor made racist comments, Mayweather took aim at the Irishman.


Standing inside the ring, Mayweather said: "You punk. You f*****. You ho."

Mayweather's comments received an unwelcome response by the crowd at SSE Arena at Wembley Stadium, and the Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community quickly condemned the American.

"Athlete Ally strongly condemns the homophobic slur used by Floyd Mayweather," Hudson Taylor, executive director of the LGBT group Athlete Ally, said in a statement.

"The response given by Mayweather's representative is equally troubling. If Mayweather truly has the utmost respect for the LGBT community, he wouldn't resort to using slurs that perpetuate anti-LGBT stigma and hate."