Rio 2016: Irish Olympic Offices Raided Following Ticket Touting Scandal

Getty Images


The Rio offices of the Olympic Council of Ireland (OCI) have been raided as part of an ongoing investigation into alleged ticketing offences.

The raids, in which passports, computers, phones and unused tickets were seized, follow last week's arrest of OCI president Pat Hickey, who has temporarily stepped aside and is being held in a Rio prison.

"Early this morning [Sunday] in Rio, Brazilian police arrived at the OCI offices in the Olympic village and at OCI accommodation outside of the village.

"They were met by OCI personnel. No arrests were made. The police took possession of their passports along with their phones and laptops.

"The OCI personnel were asked to present for questioning at a local police station on Tuesday [23rd August] next. They agreed to do so.

"The OCI had an allocation of unused official tickets in their offices which had been made available for athletes’ families and friends. The police also took possession of these tickets."

It is claimed by the Brazilian media that Hickey's arrest was in connection with that of countryman Kevin Mallon, who is alleged to have passed OCI tickets to THG Sports. Mallon is a director of the company.