Hopkins Scores NFL's Touchdown of The Year

(Getty Images)


DeAndre Hopkins performed a Christmas miracle on Monday.

The Houston Texans receiver made a stunning one-handed touchdown catch early in the fourth quarter of Monday's game against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Hopkins, who did not make his first reception of the game until the final play of the third quarter, used his right hand to tip a pass from T.J. Yates to himself over Steelers cornerback Joe Haden.

Hopkins then used his left hand to snare the ball before falling out of bounds. He had to get both feet in, though, for a completed reception and he tapped both feet around Haden's body in the end zone.

It was the first score of the game for the Texans, who were trailing 27-0 at the time. While the play came in a losing effort, it was still the best touchdown reception of the season.