Brees Signs New Two-Year Deal With Saints

(Getty Images)


Drew Brees is set to finish his career with the New Orleans Saints after the veteran quarterback agreed to a new contract to remain with the team and stay out of free agency.

According to and ESPN, the 39-year-old has signed a two-year, $50million deal and will be guaranteed will be $27m once the deal becomes official. 

The pact also reportedly includes a no-trade clause and a team option for the second year, after Brees opted not to become the subject of a bidding war on the open market.

Brees had been linked with the Minnesota Vikings - who have been connected with seemingly every available quarterback this offseason – but although the urgency of the new league year starting on Wednesday moved things along, expectations were that he would stay put.

"There was no doubt in our minds, I think both myself and the Saints, that we were gonna get a deal done," Brees said to ESPN after the news of his extension broke. 

"It was just a matter of what was the most fair deal for me and for the team to put us in the best position to succeed in the near future.

"I love my team and am excited about the opportunity we will have together."

On only being guaranteed one year of his new pact, Brees added: "I think that provides certainly the team with the most flexibility when it comes to being able to anticipate the future and the ability to acquire free agents and re-sign players on our existing roster that will build a championship team."

Brees, an 11-time Pro Bowl selection, threw for 4,334 yards last season as the Saints reached the playoffs for the first time since 2013.