A.J. Green and Jalen Ramsey Ejected Following On-Field Fight

(Getty Images)


Cincinnati Bengals receiver A.J. Green and Jacksonville Jaguars cornerback Jalen Ramsey were ejected for a brawl late in the first half of Sunday's NFL clash at EverBank Field.

It was a simple tap on the shoulder that set off the altercation.

After Green gave a light shove to the shoulder of Ramsey, he responded with a two-hand shove that sent his opponent to the ground.

Green got up and grabbed Ramsey around the neck before throwing him down. They exchanged punches and set off a melee that included several members of both teams.

Even after Jaguars linebacker Myles Jack flew into the scrum and bowled the two over, Green was still trying to throw haymakers.


Green, who had just one catch for six yards, and Ramsey were both dismissed as the Jaguars held a 13-7 half-time lead.