A.J. Green And Jalen Ramsey Avoid Suspension For Fight

(Getty Images)


A.J. Green will not be suspended for his fight with Jalen Ramsey during the Cincinnati Bengals' 23-7 loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars.

The NFL announced neither Green nor Ramsey will be banned for the on-field brawl.

Instead, the Bengals wide receiver is likely to face a fine, as is the Jaguars cornerback after the incident late in the first half of Sunday's match at EverBank Field.

Both players were ejected for the skirmish, which saw Ramsey shove Green, who reacted by grabbing his opponent from around the neck, throwing him to the ground and punching him before team-mates of both men got involved.

A fine for fighting for first-time offenders is a minimum $30,387. 

Green, who is known for his stoic behaviour, has no prior history of on-field incidents and never even had a personal foul before this. He apologised after the game.

Ramsey was ejected from a game last season for fighting with Oakland Raiders wide receiver Johnny Holton, so his fine is expected to be bigger than Green's.