Love: Morant Dunk Almost Ended My Career



Kevin Love joked Ja Morant almost ended his career with a spectacular failed slam dunk attempt in the Cleveland Cavaliers' 114-107 NBA win over the Memphis Grizzlies on Friday.

Morant sprung high into the air and made contact with Love's head as he just about leaped over him, with both players ending up on the deck after the ball struck the rim.


Love later tweeted: "Ja almost ended my professional career with this dunk...that kid is something special."

The Cavaliers forward added: "Boy, I was so glad he missed that dunk.

"I looked back, I helped him up. That was my tip of the hat to him. That kid, he's really special and you gotta give credit where credit is due. He's going to continue to get better."

Morant also took his failed attempt to add two points in good spirits.

"He was in the way," he quipped. "You don't get any cool points if you miss it.

"I probably cocked it back too much because it hit the rim."

Jordan Clarkson top scored with 33 points in a second successive victory for Cleveland (8-21).