Kevin Durant Would Get Draymond Green's Vote For NBA Defensive Player Of The Year

(Getty Images)

Draymond Green is incredibly confident in his own defense, so when the Golden State Warriors star endorses someone else to win the NBA Defensive Player of the Year Award it says a lot.

On Wednesday, Green said if he had a vote for the award, he would select Warriors team-mate Kevin Durant. 

"I think he is, if not the leading candidate," Green said, via NBC Sports Bay Area. 

"I don't think it's really a race right now. The way he's been playing on the defensive side of the ball has been spectacular."

Durant is second in the league averaging 2.33 blocks per game, but it is his matchup defense which truly makes him stand out.

While the NBA did admit he got away with three fouls in the final two minutes against LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers on Christmas Day, Durant showed on multiple occasions he can slow down the four-time MVP.

The 2017 NBA Finals MVP has always been capable of playing great defense, but since coming over to the Warriors where he does not have to score quite as much, his defensive work has improved.

"It's cool that people are starting to recognize me for more than just a scorer," Durant said.

"I've been trying to shake that rap since 2012. So when people start to notice what you do — obviously it's not all you do it for — but you want people to appreciate what you bring to the table. It first starts with your team-mates and coaches, and I got that from them. I feel good coming in every day knowing that they trust me on that side of the ball."

Green has won the last two NBA Defensive Player of the Year Awards, so for Durant to take home the trophy he would have to go through his team-mate.

Again though, Green is one of Durant's biggest fans right now when it comes to his defense.

"If I had a vote," Green said. "I'd vote for him right now."