Harden Bemoans No-Calls, Green Doesn't Sympathize

(Getty Images)

James Harden was unhappy with the officiating during the Houston Rockets' game-one loss to the Golden State Warriors on Sunday.

Harden and other Rockets players and coaches were incensed that officials did not call fouls on Warriors defenders closing out on Houston's three-point shooters and not giving them space to land.

After the Warriors' 104-100 victory to open the Western Conference semi-final series, Harden vented his frustration.


"I just want a fair chance, man," Harden told reporters. "Call the game how it's supposed to be called and that's it and I'll live with the results."

While the Rockets were frustrated, Warriors forward Draymond Green seemed amused when told about Harden's complaint.

"I've been fouled by James on a James three-pointer before. I ain't trying to hear that," Green said. "I ain't going with that."


The no-calls happened at least a half-dozen times, in the Rockets' eyes. Guard Chris Paul and head coach Mike D'Antoni were both slapped with technicals for arguing a no-call on a three-pointer made by Paul in the third quarter.

After the game, D'Antoni said officials admitted to him they missed four such calls in the first half alone.

"They just came at half-time and said they missed them," D'Antoni said. "They missed four of them. That's 12 foul shots."