Giants' Nakken Becomes First Female Coach In MLB History

Twitter: @SFGiants


Alyssa Nakken is embracing her role as the MLB's first female coach after joining the San Francisco Giants.

The Giants hired Nakken last month, making the former Sacramento State softball player the first full-time female coach in league history.

Nakken, 29, is honoured to be taking on the challenge with the Giants in MLB.


"I'm most comfortable at a baseball field," Nakken said. "… No turning back now, you're in it. Here we go."

Nakken added: "It's a big deal. I feel a great sense of responsibility and I feel it's my job to honor those who have helped me to where I am.

"I think why it's difficult for me to put it into words is because throughout the interview process and getting to know Gabe [Kapler] and Farhan [Zaidi] a little bit more, it was never about this," Nakken continued. "It was never about being a female. It was never about being the first.

"It was about, 'Hey, we have a brand-new staff, there's a lot going on, we need somebody to come in here and make an impact in this clubhouse, for this staff, for the team and help us win, somebody who knows baseball, is a good communicator, can build relationships, can build trust, and that's what it was about."

Led by new manager Gabe Kapler, the Giants will be eyeing improvement in 2020 after missing the playoffs last season.