Zinedine Zidane Denies Real Madrid Will Make Signings

Getty Images

Zinedine Zidane has again insisted that he does not want any signings at Real Madrid this January.

The Celta draw has led to further calls among supporters for Madrid to sign reinforcements in the transfer window, but Zidane remains insistent he does not want any new players this month.

"I don't need anyone. That's it. So that I can be clear: I don't want anyone. Period. We began with a squad and I believe in my players," he said.

"There are tough moments in a season. You want to transmit that it's unlike it's ever been before. That's not what I think. What I think is that we have everything to move forward. Everything.

"We'll see what happens at the end of the season. That's when things are analysed, and if you should make changes, you make changes."