Aptly Named Athletes: Born To Perform

  • Usain Bolt
    1/11 Usain Bolt: The world’s fastest man is perhaps the most recognizable athlete on the planet not named Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo. The time it takes you to pronounce his name is approximately how long he needs to put 50 meters of track behind him.
  • George Best
    2/11 George Best: Best by name, best by nature. A predatory eye for goal, dribbling skills not previously seen before in English football and pretty boy good looks saw the Belfast Boy become Manchester United’s first true super star.
  • Tyson Fury
    3/11 Tyson Fury: Believe it or not this was the name bestowed to the reigning boxing heavyweight world champion at birth, a fact made all the stranger given he was born three months prematurely and (reportedly) weighted just one pound.
  • Salva Sevilla
    4/11 Salva Sevilla: The Spanish striker’s name literally translates as ‘Save Seville’, rather fitting given his history with Real Betis. Sevilla began his four-year stint at the Benito Villamarin with a promotion-winning campaign and then spent three seasons partnering Ruben Castro in LaLiga. Ultimately though he wasn’t able to save Betis as the Verdiblancos finished rock bottom at the end of his last season with the club.
  • Tim Duncan
    5/11 Tim Duncan: It’s not that the five-time NBA champion was a one-trick pony, but standing at 6’11’’ the ex-San Antonio Spurs power forward was still pretty adept when it came to posterizing opponents. Just ask Ryan Hollins and Ibaka.
  • Koke Resurrección
    6/11 Jorge ‘Koke’ Resurrección Merodio: The beating heart of Cholo Simeone’s midfield, the tireless Spaniard embodies the resurrection that has taken place at Atletico Madrid in recent years. Relatively unknown during Quique Flores and Gregorio Manzano’s reins, Koke was reborn once the Argentinean coach was appointed.
  • Tiger Woods
    7/11 Tiger Woods: A double-edged name this one. The biggest draw in golf is peerless when it comes to pinging a fairway with his high-caliber clubs, but on his off days he can often be found searching amongst the tall trees for his errant shots.
  • Scott Speed
    8/11 Scott Speed: The Californian motorhead started life off racing Formula Three cars, quickly progressed to Formula One and then turned to the deafening world of NASCAR.
  • Danny Drinkwater
    9/11 Danny Drinkwater: For a player who typified Leicester City’s cover-every-blade-of-grass approach last season, H2O replenishment was undoubtedly a crucial part of the hard-working midfielder’s daily routine during the Foxes' title-winning run.
  • Vania Stambolova
    10/11 Vania Stambolova: This entry should first be qualified by pointing out the Bulgarian hurdler is a highly accomplished and respected athlete… however, whenever she stumbles over a bar, by golly does her surname sound funny.
  • Kevin Trapp
    11/11 Kevin Trapp: While the 26-year-old goalie might be a rung or two further down the super star ladder than the majority of his PSG teammates, when it comes to stopping goal-bound balls in mid-flight, the big-mitted German is the man the Parisians turn to.