Hunt For F1 History Won't Consume Hamilton

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Lewis Hamilton has no plans to let his hunt for a record-equaling seventh Formula One world title take over his life, insisting some professional sportspeople are "too intense."

Hamilton wrapped up his third successive championship - and a sixth overall - at the United States Grand Prix in Austin earlier in November.

The 34-year-old is now aiming to match Michael Schumacher's record of seven next season, while he is also only eight race victories short of the Ferrari icon's all-time tally of wins.

However, Hamilton believes too many athletes and drivers allow their goals to take control of their lives - something he is adamant will not happen to him.

"There are the drivers and athletes who train all day, every day -- too much. They're too focused, they're too intense," Hamilton told reporters at the Gran Turismo World Finals in Monaco.

"I read this book, 'The Alchemist', and I liked the story. There is this kid who meets the King. The King says to him: 'I don't have time for you right this second, but take this spoon with a drop of oil. I want you to go round to my house, enjoy it, and come back to me later. But don't drop any of the oil'.

"So, the kid goes around focusing on making sure he doesn't drop any of the oil, and when he comes back, the King asks him: 'Did you see my great sculptures? Did you see my great paintings?'

"The kid says he didn't because he was too focused on the spoon. That spoke a lot to me. You can focus so much on your career, and doing the perfect job, that you miss the world and your whole life can go by.

"For everyone there are certain sacrifices and choices you have to make. When you win a world championship, it does feel incredibly rewarding because of the effort you have put in, and there are things you could have done that you didn't do in the hope that it will position yourself better.

"It really is about finding the right balance. I wouldn't change my life. I wouldn't go back and change any of the sacrifices that I have made. I wouldn't change anything. Racing has given my life purpose."

The F1 season wraps up with the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix on December 1, with Hamilton aiming for his 11th win of the season in the United Arab Emirates.

"Nelson Mandela said to me he was still learning at 90," Hamilton added. "I'm always searching for perfection and trying to improve. Each year, I write down a list of things I want to achieve and if there are 10 I might get through two or three of those.

"This year, I have done more; winning the world title, designing a successful clothing range, and another one has been designing eyewear, so each year I am managing to increase my capacity, and learning as much as possible."