Alex Rodriguez Not Interested In Managing The Yankees

(Getty Images)


Former New York Yankees star Alex Rodriguez is not interested in managing the MLB franchise in 2018.

Rodriguez retired from baseball in 2016, but some are already wondering if he will return to the dugout this offseason following the departure of Joe Girardi, who led the Yankees to the American League Championship Series.

The 14-time All-Star, three-time AL MVP, 10-time Silver Slugger and two-time Gold Glove winner tasted World Series victory under Girardi in 2009, however, Rodriguez does not want to manage.

"I've never thought about [managing]," Rodriguez, 42, told CC Sabathia on his Players' Tribune podcast.

"I've always thought about one day ownership could be interesting.

"I will say that being a manager for the New York Yankees is almost like POTUS [President of the United States]. It's like one of those jobs that everybody and anybody should or would pay attention to because the New York Yankees are the greatest franchise in sports — not only in America, but in the entire globe.

"And whether you're in China or Dubai or Australia, everybody knows that logo — even if you're not a baseball fan — you understand that [the] New York Yankees are the best franchise in the greatest city in the world."