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Monday 8 January

  • LaLiga: Leganes v Real Sociedad, 12am beIN 2
  • French Cup: Marseille v Valenciennes, 2.15am beIN SPORTS CONNECT
  • LaLiga: Barcelona v Levante, 4.15am beIN 2
  • LaLiga: Athletic Bilbao v Alaves, 6.30am beIN 2
  • LaLiga: Villarreal v Deportivo, 6.30am beIN 3
  • LaLiga: Celta Vigo v Real Madrid, 8.45am beIN SPORTS CONNECT
  • French Cup: Rennes v PSG, 9am beIN 2

Tuesday 9 January‚Äč

  • Coupe de France: Lens v USBCO, 9am beIN SPORTS CONNECT
  • LaLiga: Malaga v Espanyol, 9am beIN 2

Wednesday 10 January

  • Carabao Cup: Manchester City v Bristol City, 8.45am beIN 2
  • Coupe de La Ligue: Nice v Monaco, 9am beIN SPORTS CONNECT

Thursday 11 January

  • Coupe de La Ligue: Rennes v Toulouse, 6.45am beIN SPORTS CONNECT
  • Carabao Cup: Chelsea v Arsenal, 9am beIN 2
  • Coupe de La Ligue: Angers v Montpellier, 9.05am beIN SPORTS CONNECT
  • Coupe de La Ligue: Amiens v PSG, 9.05am9 beIN SPORTS CONNECT

Friday 5 January

  • Premier League: Tottenham v West Ham, 9am beIN 1

Saturday 13 January

  • Ligue 1: Strasbourg v Guingamp, 8.45am beIN SPORTS CONNECT
  • LaLiga: Getafe v Malaga, 9am beIN SPORTS CONNECT

Sunday 14 January

  • LaLiga: Girona v Las Palmas, 1am beIN SPORTS CONNECT
  • EFL: Cardiff v Sunderland, 1.30am beIN 2
  • Premier League: Chelsea v Leicester, 4am beIN 1
  • EFL: Middlesbrough v Fulham, 4am beIN 2
  • Premier League: Huddersfield v West Ham, 4am beIN POP-Up 1
  • Premier League: Crystal Palace v Burnley, 4am beIN POP-Up 2
  • Premier League: Newcastle v Swansea, 4am beIN SPORTS CONNECT
  • Premier League: Watford v Southampton, 4am beIN SPORTS CONNECT
  • Premier League: West Brom v Brighton, 4am beIN SPORTS CONNECT
  • LaLiga: Real Madrid v Villarreal, 4.15am beIN SPORTS CONNECT
  • Ligue 1: Rennes v Marseille, 5am beIN SPORTS CONNECT
  • Premier League: Tottenham v Everton, 6.30am beIN 1
  • EFL: Nottingham Forest v Aston Villa, 6.30am beIN 2
  • LaLiga: Eibar v Atletico Madrid, 6.30am beIN SPORTS CONNECT
  • Ligue 1: Montpellier v Monaco, 8am beIN SPORTS CONNECT
  • LaLiga: Deportivo v Valencia, 8.45am beIN 2

Monday 15 January

  • LaLiga: Levante v Celta Vigo, 12am beIN 2
  • Premier League: Bournemouth v Arsenal, 2.30am beIN 1
  • Ligue 1: Saint Etienne v Toulouse, 3am beIN SPORTS CONNECT
  • LaLiga: Alaves v Sevilla, 4.15am beIN 2
  • Premier League: Liverpool v Manchester City, 5am beIN 1
  • Ligue 1: Lyon v Angers, 5am beIN SPORTS CONNECT
  • LaLiga: Espanyol v Athletic Bilbao, 6.30am beIN 2
  • LaLiga: Real Sociedad v Barcelona, 8.45am beIN SPORTS CONNECT
  • Ligue 1: Nantes v PSG, 9am beIN 2