Maguire dropped from England squad following guilty verdict

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Harry Maguire has been withdrawn from the England squad for next month's Nations League matches.

The Manchester United captain was found guilty of aggravated assault, resisting arrest, and repeated attempts of bribery at a trial in Greece on Tuesday.

Maguire was tried alongside two other defendants on the island of Syros, following his part in an incident involving police while on holiday in Mykonos.

Maguire, who spent last Thursday and Friday night in custody, denied the charges but was convicted on all counts by a three-member misdemeanours court.

The centre-back maintains his innocence and Manchester United confirmed his legal team would appeal against the verdict after having a request for an adjournment denied.

Prior to the confirmation of the outcome of the trial, Maguire was included in Gareth Southgate's squad for the games against Iceland and Denmark.

The manager said he had no reason to doubt Maguire's account but hinted his involvement was subject to change depending on the outcome of the trial.

In a subsequent statement released through the Football Association, Southgate said: "In light of this evening's developments, I can confirm I have withdrawn Harry Maguire from the England squad for the matches against Iceland and Denmark. 

"As I said earlier today, I reserved the right to review the situation. Having spoken to Manchester United and the player, I have made this decision in the best interests of all parties and with consideration of the impact on our preparations for next week."

Yoannis Paradissis, the lawyer who assisted the prosecution in the case, told Sky News the victims were still awaiting an apology.

"The policemen I represent were just doing their job according to the procedures in place," said Paradissis.

"The defence team was accusing the policemen of police brutality and that they weren't doing their jobs correctly. That is why they tried to justify the assault that was done to the policemen.

"We are totally appalled by that. We say that it is an unsportsmanlike conduct and they would not give even a single apology.

"If they had said they were very sorry I do not think the matter would have arrived here.

"The Maguire brothers and the other accused did not ask [to make] an apology. On top of that, the accused for this kind of thing were brutal and violent to them [the police]."

He added: "I am angry because we have four young policemen that have no reason to say lies against Maguire. They didn't even know him, some of them.

"His defence team was accusing the policemen, that they didn't do their job correctly and this is why he acted how he acted.

"But, of course, this was not believed by the court, and the court – correctly in my opinion – convicted him on all charges.

"And what they are still waiting for is an apology, because they are appalled by his behaviour. He could be here, but he is not.

"In court his defence team did mention that he's a very famous role model. For me, the young policemen who were the victims of all of this, they think his conduct was totally unsportsmanlike. Not like a role model, definitely.

"And I think that to be sportsmanlike, when you do something wrong – which can happen – you say you are sorry and make an apology.

"Today, we have not heard a single apology from his party and this is what angers us more than anything else.

"We are still waiting for an apology. That's all they are waiting for."

A statement released by United read: "Manchester United notes the verdict of the Greek court.

"Harry Maguire pleaded not guilty to all of the misdemeanour charges made against him and he continues to strongly assert his innocence. 

"It should be noted that the prosecution confirmed the charges and provided their evidence late on the day before the trial, giving the defence team minimal time to digest them and prepare. A request for the case to be adjourned was subsequently denied. 

"On this basis, along with the substantial body of evidence refuting the charges, Harry Maguire's legal team will now appeal the verdict, to allow a full and fair hearing at a later date."