UEFA Champions League - Jose Mourinho Reaction


You can follow all the action from Liverpool Vs Barcelona via our Live Blog

Whilst the former Real Madrid boss is calling it like it is. That was a Collapse from the Catalans! 

Jose was scathing on Barcelona's defending for the decisive fourth goal. Labelling it U14 Football! Unbelievable! 

All over! Liverpool somehow book their place in the Champions League final with a 4-0 win over Barcelona! Understandably Jose is full of praise for Jurgen Klopp, which you can read all about here! 

Mourinho was impressed by Liverpool in the first half. Is the comeback on?

Oh, Mourinho also had plenty to say on Leo Messi. You can read all that here! (It contains the word Genius) 

Just before the game now, Jose has labelled  Liverpool's chances as "Almost impossible" but still had plenty of praise of the atmosphere generated at Anfield. 

Great analysis from Mourinho breaking down the Barca line up! 

In team news, Liverpool will be without Mohamed Salah & Roberto Firmino. Mourinho believed it's the loss of the Brazilian which is bigger for the Reds tonight! 

Onto the game tonight! Liverpool have a huge task to get the better of Leo Messi & Co! Still, Jose can't resist a jab at the infamous ghost goal scored by Luis Garcia at Anfield in 2004! 

The first subject of the night for the Special one to tackle, the rise of Ajax in this seasons tournament. Unsurprisingly, Jose compares the current crop of Ajax stars to his own Porto side who won the Champions League in 2004. 

Jose Mourinho is joining us in the studio this evening! You can hear all the insights from the Special One on Liverpool Vs Barcelona. So stick around for everything the former Manchester United man has to say.