Mongolian wrestling coaches banned for Olympic strip

Getty Images

Two Mongolian wrestling coaches who sensationally stripped off their clothes in protest at the result of a bronze medal bout at the Rio Olympics have been suspended for three years.

Tserenbaatar Tsogtbayar and Byambarinchen Bayaraa caused a stir when they took exception to Mandakhnaran Ganzorig's defeat at the hands of Uzbekistan's Ikhtiyor Navruzov in a 65kg freestyle contest last month.

The referee awarded a decisive penalty point in Navruzov's favour, with Ganzorig ruled to have not engaged and escaped the hold to waste time in the final seconds.

Ganzorig's camp let their feelings be known in no uncertain terms, with clothes and shoes removed by the coaches and screams of fury hurled in the direction of the judges at Carioca Arena 2 in an almighty commotion.

The decision was not overturned and both coaches were hit with three-year bans by the International Wrestling Federation on Wednesday, with the Mongolian Wrestling Federation fined 50,000 Swiss Francs.