Coronavirus: Decision on NRL season structure set to be finalised – V'landys

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Australian Rugby League Commission (ARLC) chairman Peter V'landys said a decision on the NRL restructure will be finalised on Friday.

The NRL is planning to restart the season on May 28 after the campaign was suspended indefinitely following just two rounds on March 23 amid the coronavirus pandemic.

How the competition will look when it restarts remains to be seen, with the ARLC and NRL exploring radical plans to relaunch the coronavirus-hit campaign.

A 22-round season is reportedly one of the options being considered, and V'landys said a campaign structure is set to be finalised amongst broadcasters.

"Today is D-Day for me. A decision will be made as to the length of the season between the two broadcasters," V'landys told the Today Show via Channel Nine on Friday.

"We will meet our contractual obligations to the broadcasters but a decision has to be made.

"I think the procrastination has been taking long enough and a decision will be made today."

V'landys added: "We are confident that it's safe. The risk is minimal to zero so why shouldn't we start playing?

"[May 28] is not premature at all. It's disappointing that people use scaremongering rhetoric when it's not necessary.

"Look at the facts - I challenge them to tell us where it's not safe. We have looked at all the data, done enormous research, we're going to put enormous biosecurity measures in place.

"Our players will be safer under our system than they would be in the community, and the proof is in the pudding.

"We've got 485 players, and just with the self-isolation, which is not as strict is what will apply when we re-commence, there hasn't been one positive. I think people have to stop using alarmist language."