Ward issues another retirement warning after conquering Kovalev

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Andre Ward has again hinted he could retire from boxing after winning his light heavyweight world title mega-fight over Sergey Kovalev, saying he will only accept a rematch if the terms suit him.

Undefeated Ward rallied from a second-round knockdown against the big-hitting Russian in Las Vegas in November to win by unanimous decision and add the WBA and IBF light heavyweight belts to the WBO strap he won against Alexander Brand in August.

Two-weight world champion Ward says he can now look back on his career with pride, regardless of whether he fights again, having taken his record to 31-0 by handing Kovalev his first professional loss.

"I really just got to take my time right now because I really don't have to fight anymore," he told Rolling Stone. 

"I've accomplished pretty much everything that I've wanted to accomplish. 

"It's not about the money anymore, it's just because god has blessed me to still have the ability to do it and I still love it. 

"I just really got to take my time right now and make sure that every decision that I make and every fight that I take is the right situation because if it's not, I don't know if it makes sense to continue on.

"I've got to make some tough decisions over the next couple of months. 

"Boxing isn't a sport to play with. I've obviously been doing this for a long time and it just has to make sense. 

"I think just collectively getting my team's opinion and spend my time praying and talking to my wife. We'll make the right decision."

The Ring magazine currently rank Ward the second-best boxer, pound for pound, on the planet and he says cementing his legacy with a rematch against Kovalev does appeal.

"You have to entertain [a rematch] and I would love to put my stats on in such a way that there isn't a conversation about who won and who lost," Ward added.

"Proving something to people is a tricky thing to get involved in. If we did the rematch it would be more just to silence Kovalev and silence his team and to just put a stamp on the rivalry we had. 

"It would be more of a personal thing to me. But the element of people and media having an opinion, that's never going to change. I accept that 100 per cent. 

"It would be more to put a stamp on that and send a message to his team that the first fight really happened and here we are, we did it again."