Bolt: I only ran 100m because it was short!

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As Usain Bolt prepares to write the final chapter in his sprinting legacy, the Jamaican legend admits he was stunned to have had such success in the 100 metres.

After a promising junior career, Bolt burst onto the senior scene in 2007 under the guidance of coach Glen Mills and broke the 100m world record in the following year.

Bolt ran 9.72 seconds in New York in just his fifth senior race over 100m, and has gone on to dominate the event at every major championship – his record now standing at 9.58secs.

The 30-year-old has won the iconic sprint event at three successive Olympic Games and also has three IAAF World Championship golds to his name.

But Bolt always targeted success in the 200m, so his devastating performances over 100m were something of a surprise.

"For me that was something I didn't expect," he said at a media conference on Tuesday. "I won a bet! I was just doing it because it was short. I always wanted to run the 200m. 

"Six months, seven months into the 100m I was the world record holder. I had no idea. 

"After I ran the 9.76 in Jamaica people said it was a fluke. It was kind of shocking. I was just doing it because it was shorter."

Now Bolt is seen as one of the greatest athletes of all time and, after his golden sweep at Rio 2016, he is finally happy to call himself a legend.

He added: "After Beijing people were calling me a legend, but I was like, no it's my first one. 

"They said it again after the second [in London] and I was like, 'yeah, ok'. 

"But when I achieved what I wanted to I was comfortable calling myself a legend because I have proven myself."

He will race the 100m and 4x100m relay for the last time at a major championship in London this month and hopes to write one final headline with another win.

For Bolt, what that would look like is simple: "Unbeatable, unstoppable, Usain Bolt."