21 French players called to prepare World Championship


The French national team’s staff has given the names of the players chosen for the preparation phase leading to the 2017 World Championship. This preparation phase will be divided into four periods, successivly in Capbreton (from 26 to 30 December), Toulouse (from 2 to 7 January), Montpellier (from 7 to 9 January) and Paris (9-10 January). The final list of the 16 players who will play the World Championship at home from January 11th (opening game against Brazil in Paris) will be known on January 10th.

Here are the 21 players called for the preparation phase :

Goalkeepers : Cyril Dumoulin (Nantes), Vincent Gérard (Montpellier), Thierry Omeyer (PSG)

Field players : Luc Abalo (PSG), William Accambray (PSG), Nicolas Claire (Nantes), Adrien Dipanda (Saint-Raphaël), Ludovic Fabregas (Montpellier), Michaël Guigou (Montpellier), Luka Karabatic (PSG), Nikola Karabatic (PSG), Benoît Kounkoud (PSG), Yanis Lenne (Sélestat), Kentin Mahé (Flensburg), Dika Mem (Barcelona), Timothey N’Guessan (Barcelona), Daniel Narcisse (PSG), Olivier Nyokas (Nantes), Valentin Porte (Montpellier), Nedim Remili (PSG), Cédric Sorhaindo (Barcelona)