Al Sadd Confirm Xavi Departure


Al Sadd has confimed that head coach Xavi is free to move to former club Barcelona. 

In a brief statement online, Sadd confirmed that an agreement had been made with Barcelona for the release of the former midfielder, who is expected to immediately take over as manager of the side. 

“The Al-Sadd administration has agreed on Xavi’s move to Barcelona after the payment of the release clause stipulated in the contract. We’ve agreed on cooperation with Barcelona in the future.”

Further to this club administrator Turki Al Ali added;  "Xavi informed us a few days ago of his desire to go to Barcelona at this particular time, because of the critical stage his hometown club is going through, and we understand this and decided not to stand in his way."

Xavi has enjoyed a strong start to his managerial career in Qatar, picking up seven honours in total including the Amir Cup only two weeks ago.