Ranieri: Leicester will not release Vardy

Getty Images

Jamie Vardy's job at Leicester City is not under threat, despite claims the striker racially insulted another man in a casino.

A video obtained by The Sun on Sunday allegedly shows the 28-year-old repeatedly abusing a fellow punter in the early hours of July 26.

England international Vardy has subsequently apologized for what he called "a regrettable error in judgement".

It is the latest race row to engulf the club after three players were released for their conduct on a summer tour in Thailand, but the same fate will not befall Vardy, manager Claudio Ranieri confirmed.

When asked on Thursday if Vardy would be fired, Ranieri said: "No. It is not my matter, but he won't be."

The manager also insisted the matter had been resolved. 

"The situation is everything is okay, Jamie apologized to everyone, it was a mistake," Ranieri said. "The relationship is okay. We go on and forward. The club has said it is okay.

"Jamie has apologized and for me it is okay. Jamie does something on the pitch and then I speak with him."