Mourinho 'knows what he's doing' with Falcao signing

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Chelsea fans have complete trust that Jose Mourinho "knows what he is doing" by signing striker Radamel Falcao, according to a leading supporters' group.

After weeks of speculation Premier League champions Chelsea confirmed that Falcao had signed a loan deal at Stamford Bridge from Monaco.

It follows a disappointing spell at Manchester United in the 2014-15 campaign, in which the Colombia international managed just four league goals.

However, with Didier Drogba leaving Chelsea for a second time, manager Mourinho has decided to take the gamble on Falcao to reinforce a frontline already consisting of Diego Costa and Loic Remy.

John Russell - chairman of Chelsea Central Supporters' Club - believes the signing could prove to be a coup, particularly given Mourinho's reputation for getting the best out of his players. 

Speaking to Perform, he said: "He [Mourinho] knows what he is doing. He's not made many mistakes [in the transfer market] has he? If you stack them up there aren't many that have failed to make the grade under his regime. 

"I mean Costa for one, I don't think anybody really thought Costa would suit Chelsea or survive past the first few months without being banned because of how he was but, aside from the injury he was carrying, you can only say it was a good season and he will only get better.

"You have to recall when Drogba first arrived at Chelsea, the first season or season and a half he wasn't really doing what he was supposed to, but then it clicked and the manager kept faith in him and he became arguably a legend.

"But if you asked  fans at the end of the first season they'd have said sell him."

Russell believes the signing of Falcao is one to excite the fans.

"This guy's class," he added. "If he turns it on he's as good as anybody in the world.

"I think the reason he struggled at Man United, in fairness to him, is because United were in transition. They got a new manager in, their side was changing, the manager [Louis van Gaal] wanted him but didn't know if he was at full fitness and obviously he wasn't. He was in and out.

"I don't think that will happen at Chelsea. He'll get the support of the manager, the support of the players around him, and he'll be given freedom to do what he's good at which is taking sides apart.

"It's frightening if you're any side playing them and you've also got Costa and Remy and if one of those doesn't fire and you bring another one on. It has to put you under pressure."