Maradona at 60: As a coach, he could fill 10 San Paolos! Diego's son reveals Napoli dream

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Diego Maradona's son is clinging to the dream of his father one day becoming coach of Napoli as the Argentina great celebrates his 60th birthday.

According to Diego Sinagra, Maradona's return to Naples would mean the club could sell out their San Paolo stadium 10 times over for every home game.

The prospect of fans in stadiums as well as Maradona holding down a job in Serie A seem remote for now; at present, he is coaching at the highest level in Argentina with Gimnasia y Esgrima La Plata.

But Sinagra says having Maradona back at Napoli, the club he led to two Serie A titles and the UEFA Cup during an illustrious spell as a player from 1984 to 1991, would be a scenario he would welcome.

Asked if he could foresee Maradona coaching in Spain, Sinagra told Marca: "No, I imagine him in Naples. What a thing that would be! He would fill 10 San Paolos.

"I still have the dream of seeing my old man on the Napoli bench, but it would still be wonderful to see him somewhere else in Europe."

Sinagra, Maradona's Italian son from an extra-marital affair in the mid-1980s, was estranged from his father until he was into his 20s.

Now 34, Sinagra says many of Maradona's off-field problems can be linked to his eagerness to please.

"All the problems my old man had in his life were caused by being too good," Sinagra said.

"Sometimes, like all good people, it is difficult for him to be tough and perhaps also he doesn't know how to say no sometimes. We, the people who really love him, love him for the good things and the bad things."

Sinagra, who played lower-league football and beach football after a spell in the Napoli academy, said it had been difficult at times to be the son of Maradona.

But since being accepted by his father, he says their relationship has been positive.

"Obviously, the past cannot be erased. But we choose, by mutual agreement, not to think anymore about the things that happened and to focus on the future," he said.

"I think my dad loves me like a son. He has a great love for all his children and, of course, for me too."