FIFA allows Ukrainian players to move clubs


FIFA has relaxed its rules to allow home-based Ukrainian players to move to foreign clubs without having to wait for the next transfer window.

This follows the move by FIFA last week to allow foreign footballers and coaches working in Ukraine and Russia to suspend their contracts temporarily and move elsewhere.

In its statement on Wednesday it confirmed that "Ukrainian players may be allowed to be registered with another club even if that registration period is closed in the association of the club with which they intend to be registered".

Clubs are limited to welcoming a maximum of two players covered by this exemption.

FIFA's announcement came on the third week of Russia's invasion of Ukraine which world football's governing body said it "continues to condemn".

It called for "a rapid cessation of hostilities and for a return to peace".

Russia is awaiting a verdict from sport's top court CAS regarding FIFA's decision to kick Russia out of the 2022 World Cup finals qualifying process.

The Court of Arbitration for Sport is deliberating whether to grant Russia a stay of execution and allow the country to play its World Cup play-off against Poland next week.