Burnley apologise for racist abuse from supporter

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Burnley have issued an apology after a fan was ejected from the friendly match against Bradford City on Saturday for aiming racist comments at a player for the League One club.

Striker Andre Gray, who scored twice in the 4-1 win, took to Twitter after the match to express his dismay at two Burnley fans who he said had been making persistent racist remarks.

"Well done to the two racist Burnley fans," he posted. "Still live in the stone ages I see! Ignorant prats."

Bradford released a statement on Sunday to confirm that one visiting fan had been ejected from the ground after his behaviour had been reported to stewards, though he denied any racist comments. Another voluntarily left at the same time.

"The man in question had been overheard making racist comments towards the player and was warned by match stewards that if such abuse was witnessed and continued he would be ejected," the club statement read. "The spectator made a further comment and at this point the player reported the abuse to the assistant referee.

"Additional staff were deployed to the area in which Burnley supporters were seated and following continued abuse was ejected.

"The person involved denied any racist behaviour but witnesses confirmed he had been making racial comments.  As he was ejected another male supporter left voluntarily at the same time. 

"They refused to give any personal details and because the match was operated on an unreserved ticket basis we cannot identify the individual involved. However, there is CCTV footage of the incident and we are working closely with Burnley FC and West Yorkshire Police on the matter.

"Both clubs strongly condemn the actions of the individual."

Burnley corroborated the information released by Bradford and offered an apology for the incident.

"Burnley Football Club would like to make it clear that we have a zero tolerance approach to any such behaviour and strongly condemn discrimination of any type," they said.

"We would like to offer our sincere apologies to the player involved and to Bradford City Football Club."