Argentine footballer dead after being struck in head


A local footballer has died after he was accidentally kneed and then struck in the head during a regional league match in Argentina.

The Argentine Football Association (AFA) confirmed Micael Favre, 24, died on Sunday following a match between San Jorge and Defensores in the Liga Departamental de Colon.

During the match in Villa Elisa, Colon, Favre collided with his opponent and was unintentionally kneed to the head as he battled for possession.

As he got up amid pushing and shoving from both teams, another opponent struck Favre in the face, knocking him down and the San Jorge player was unable to regain his feet as he laid flat on the floor.

Favre was then taken to hospital, where he later died.

"The Argentine Football Association expresses deep sorrow over the death of Michael Favre, who plays for Club San Jorge," an AFA statement read.

"He died while his team played in the Departmental League of Colon, at Defensores.

"This association also expressed support for the Favre family, as also the Club San Jorge."