Hamilton has no plans to take a knee at US Grand Prix

Getty Images

Lewis Hamilton says he has no plans to take a knee at the United States Grand Prix this weekend but did not rule out a protest.

Hamilton recently stated that he will need to think about whether to stage the same protest which many American athletes have during the US national anthem in Austin on Sunday before attempting to win a fourth Formula One title.

The Mercedes driver on Thursday reiterated that he supports the stance against perceived racial injustice and police brutality, but said his immediate focus is on claiming another victory at the Circuit of the Americas.

The Brit said: "I don't really have a position and don't really have any plans [to take a knee].

"Of course there has been a lot of mention of it, not of the kneeling, just the whole situation. I know a lot of people here in America. I know a lot of black and white people, so I get a good view of what is happening here and opinions about the movement.

"You've seen I posted [on social media] about it because I respect it highly, I think the movement [Colin] Kaepernick started is awesome and I very much support it but I'm here to win and I'm very much here to win and focused on that."

Asked again about potentially taking a knee, he said: "I have not given it that much thought.

"I don't plan to let all the BS around the topic pull me down in that strive to win the title.

"While I do have opinions on the whole situation, I don't have any plans to do anything."