Basketball Australia will not appeal FIBA sanctions for Philippines brawl

Getty Images

Basketball Australia has confirmed it will not appeal the bans three players received from FIBA for the mass brawl during a World Cup qualifier with Philippines.

A chair was hurled and punches were thrown during an ugly melee which resulted in 13 players and two coaches being suspended, and both national federations being fined.

Of those 13 players banned, three were Australian. Thon Maker, who plays for the NBA's Milwaukee Bucks, received a three-game suspension for FIBA qualifiers, while Daniel Kickert was given a five-game punishment and Chris Goulding was handed a one-match ban.

Basketball Australia has decided against challenging those sanctions, and a 100,000 CHF fine, via the official appeal process.

"Our legal advice examined a range of appeal options," chief executive Anthony Moore said in a statement posted on Basketball Australia's website.

"However, the chances of success under the FIBA appeal process are very low so we have decided to pursue these matters with FIBA independent of the appeal process."