Vikings safety Sendejo concussed after blind-side hit

(Getty Images)

Minnesota Vikings safety Andrew Sendejo left Sunday's NFC divisional game against the New Orleans Saints with a concussion after a devastating blind-side block left him motionless late in the third quarter.

Sendejo had his eyes on Saints full-back Zack Line coming into the flats and was unaware of a looming block from New Orleans receiver Michael Thomas, who nailed an unsuspecting Sendejo near the Vikings' 11-yard line.

The 30-year-old laid on the turf at U.S. Bank Stadium surrounded by trainers before walking off slowly.

The blind-side hit from Thomas was initially flagged, but picked up after a discussion by officials much to the chagrin of Vikings fans and Xavier Rhodes, who had to be restrained by team-mates after the hit.

On the next play after the concussion-inducing hit, Thomas beat Rhodes on a crossing pattern for the Saints' first touchdown of the game.