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The non-stop sport continues* on beIN SPORTS and beIN SPORTS CONNECT with:

  • Bundesliga
  • LaLiga
  • EFL Championship
  • African Nations Championship 
  • Serie A
  • Ligue 1

*Fixtures subject to change, please refer to our EPG for the most up-to-date TV schedule information and keep track of which additional matches are available on Xtra via CONNECT here

**All times listed in AEDT



  • Total African Nations Championship: Morocco v Togo, 2:55am beIN 3
  • Total African Nations Championship: Rwanda v Uganda, 5:55am beIN 3
  • Serie A: Cagliari v Milan, 6:35am beIN 1


  • Total African Nations Championship: Zambia v Tanzania, 3:00am CONNECT
  • Bundesliga: Monchengladbach v Bremen, 4:20am beIN 3
  • LaLiga: Valladolid v Elche, 4:55am beIN 1
  • EFL Championship: Derby v Bournemouth, 4:55am beIN 2
  • LaLiga: Cadiz v Levante, 5:00am CONNECT
  • Total African Nations Championship: Guinea v Namibia, 6:00am CONNECT
  • Bundesliga: Leverkusen v Dortmund, 6:25am beIN 3
  • Bundesliga: Hertha v Hoffenheim, 6:30am CONNECT
  • Bundesliga: Mainz v Wolfsburg, 6:30am CONNECT
  • LaLiga: Alaves v Sevilla, 7:25am beIN 1


  • Serie A: Udinese v Atalanta, 12:50am beIN 1
  • Total African Nations Championship: Cameroon v Mali, 3:00am CONNECT
  • Bundesliga: Schalke v Cologne, 4:20am beIN 3
  • LaLiga: Getafe v Huesca, 4:55am beIN 1
  • EFL Championship: Norwich v Bristol City, 4:55am beIN 2
  • Total African Nations Championship: Burkina Faso v Zimbabwe, 6:00am CONNECT
  • Bundesliga: Augsburg v Bayern, 6:25am beIN 3
  • Bundesliga: Leipzig v Union, 6:30am CONNECT
  • Bundesliga: Freiburg v Frankfurt, 6:30am CONNECT
  • Bundesliga: Bielefeld v Stuttgart, 6:30am CONNECT
  • LaLiga: Betis v Celta, 7:00am CONNECT
  • Ligue 1: Marseille v Lens, 7:00am CONNECT
  • SPFL Premiership: Livingston v Celtic, 7:10am beIN 2
  • LaLiga: Villarreal v Granada, 7:25am beIN 1


  • Total African Nations Championship: Libya v DR Congo, 2:55am beIN 3
  • LaLiga: Valencia v Osasuna, 4:55am beIN 1
  • Total African Nations Championship: Congo v Niger, 5:55am beIN 3
  • LaLiga: Eibar v Atletico, 7:25am beIN 1


  • Total African Nations Championship: Morocco v Rwanda, 2:55am beIN 2
  • Total African Nations Championship: Uganda v Togo, 6:00am CONNECT
  • Bundesliga: Monchengladbach v Dortmund, 6:20am beIN 1
  • EFL Championship: Stoke v Watford, 6:40am beIN 2
  • Serie A: Benevento v Torino, 6:45am CONNECT
  • SPFL Championship: Arbroath v Dundee, 6:45am CONNECT
  • Ligue 1: PSG v Montpellier, 6:55am beIN 3
  • LaLiga: Levante v Valladolid, 7:00am CONNECT
  • LaLiga: Huesca v Villarreal, 11:55pm beIN 2


  • Serie A: Roma v Spezia, 12:50am beIN 1
  • Bundesliga: Mainz v Leipzig, 1:20am beIN 3
  • Bundesliga: Leverkusen v Wolfsburg, 1:30am CONNECT
  • Bundesliga: Freiburg v Stuttgart, 1:30am CONNECT
  • Bundesliga: Augsburg v Union, 1:30am CONNECT
  • Bundesliga: Bielefeld v Frankfurt, 1:30am CONNECT
  • EFL Championship: QPR v Derby, 1:55am beIN 2
  • LaLiga: Sevilla v Cadiz, 2:15am CONNECT
  • Total African Nations Championship: Zambia v Guinea, 3:00am CONNECT
  • Ligue 1: Lens v Nice, 3:00am CONNECT
  • Serie A: Milan v Atalanta, 3:50am beIN 1
  • Serie A: Udinese v Inter, 3:50am beIN 3
  • LaLiga: Sociedad v Real Betis, 4:25am beIN 2
  • Betfred Cup: St Johnstone v Hibernian, 4:30am CONNECT
  • Bundesliga: Hertha v Bremen, 4:30am CONNECT
  • Total African Nations Championship: Namibia v Tanzania, 6:00am CONNECT
  • Serie A: Fiorentina v Crotone, 6:45am CONNECT
  • LaLiga: Alaves v Real Madrid, 6:55am beIN 1
  • Ligue 1: Monaco v Marseille, 6:55am beIN 2
  • Serie A: Juventus v Bologna, 10:20pm beIN 1
  • Ligue 1: Bordeaux v Angers, 10:55pm beIN 3
  • EFL Championship: Preston v Reading, 11:25pm beIN 2