Jones backs England successor Borthwick

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And Jones believes Borthwick is well-equipped to succeed him.

A difficult 2022 bookended by Six Nations frustrations and a dismal November international period resulted in Jones being axed in early December, less than a year before the World Cup.

Borthwick, who was an assistant to Jones with Japan and then England, has since taken the reins with his own number two Kevin Sinfield to support him.

Reflecting on the appointment of his former colleague, the 62-year-old Jones was effusive in his praise, adding that he takes pride in having helped to shape his path to the top job.

"Steve Borthwick was there [from 2016] until 2020," he told The Guardian.

"He then wanted his own career.

"One of my jobs was to get England to win again, which I did, and also to produce the next head coach.

"So I look back with satisfaction because Steve will do a bloody good job. He's outstanding."

Jones, a famously outspoken figure within the game, was dumped after a tough period and suggested his chances of repeating 2019's run to the World Cup final was a tall order.

The former Australia coach acknowledged he made errors.

"I don't have any regrets but there were a couple of mistakes, a couple of decisions I probably rushed," he said.

Asked whether his decision to criticise England's reliance on the public school system for players was such a call, Jones agreed in that assessment, though he defended his stance.

"That was one of my mistakes," he said.

"Once you get that group offside you're in trouble. But diversity is so important and sport's not sheltered from that."