Davies provides storm taxi service

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The injured British and Irish Lion was unable to get to Llanelli for training with his Scarlets team-mates and instead volunteered to aid the general public with his four-wheel drive.

Davies's partner helped get word out to the community, with the 29-year-old providing a "taxi service" to those in need.

"I didn't get down to training in Llanelli and we have a 'Nextdoor' app for the area and my girlfriend put on there that we've got a four-by-four and if anyone needed lifts to and from work in the hospitals, we were more than happy to help out," he told BBC Radio Wales.

"It was just taking patients and doctors to and from the hospital to their homes; that was it really, just a taxi service.

"I think there was about 20 or so volunteers - it was good to see that people were helping out and doing their bit.

"I wouldn't be able to look at my pickup just standing in the snow all day when I was able to help out.

"The roads were quite bad. As long as you took your time you were safe enough. It was difficult in and around the side roads, the work people had done to try and clear and grit them showed a massive effort from everyone."