32 people who look more like Mo Salah statue than Mo Salah


Star Liverpool attacker Mohamed Salah is the latest sportsperson to be hideously misrepresented in statue form, joining the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, tennis star Andy Murray and ice hockey legend Wayne Gretszky.

Nice as it sounds to be crafted from metal and etched into the consciousness of generations to come, as Ronaldo will attest, there's always a risk of these monuments to the star going horribly bust. Thankfully another sculptor stepped in and made amends, but not before the first attempt became the laughing stock of the internet.

You be the judge: Just how accurate is Ronaldo's bizarre statue?

Egyptian sculptor Mai Abdel Allah told Al-Ahram her statue was designed to highlight the importance of Salah "both inside Egypt and abroad." Ironically, her point was further proved when the statue went viral, for all the wrong reasons, on social media.

Here are 32 people who look more like the Mohammed Salah statue than the Liverpool star himself.

1 Home Alone villain MArv

2 Professional surfer Rob Machado


3 Sheltered Simpsons character Todd Flanders


4 Crooner Art Garfunkel

5 Former Ipswich Town forward Alan Brazil 


6 Actor Jonah Hill


7 Singer Leo Sayer


8 Former British PM Maggie Thatcher


9 Monarch Queen Elizabeth



10 Party animal Redfoo



11 Phil Spector

12 singer/songwriter Barbra Streisand


13 Chaz Bono


14 Red comedian Carrot top

15 Richard Simmons

16 Gene Shalit


17 Motivational Painter Bob Ross


18 Bobb-Ross portraying superhero Deadpool 


19 Ghostbusters baddy Dr Janosz Poha


20 Edible plant Salt bush

Salt Bush

21 Former NRL star Matt King 


22 Saved by the bell's Screech


23 Hirsuite NRL legend Willie Mason



24 Sean Penn in Carlito's Way


25 Manchester United 'fro Marouane Fellaini



26 Colombian football legend Carlos Valderrama


27 Wolfmother frontman Andrew Stockdale


28 EX NFL star Colin Kaepernick


29 OJ Simpson in The Naked Gun

30 Former Roosters player Eloni Vunakece


31 Former goalkeeper David James

32 Michael Sheen