Sergios Ramos's hilarious tweet to 'look-alike' actor

Getty Images

"How are you? I'm Sergio Ramos, a Spanish professional soccer player. I don't know if you get it much, but I receive lots of messages every day telling me that we look like each other." 

With these two tweeted sentences to Canadian/American actor Pablo Schreiber, Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos has sparked a frenzy of memes.

Ramos sent the tweet in the early hours of the morning to Schreiber, who played Nick Sobotka in The Wire and George Mendez in Orange is the New Black. 

The actor responded: "Pleased to meet you, captain. I Know exactly who you are. Since I started pretending to be a leprechaun, everyone thinks I'm you. 🤷🏽‍♂️ If you ever get To L.A., the drinks are on me. Bless you! 

Schreiber's 'leprechaun' comment is a reference to his character in American Gods, Mad Sweeney, which he claims has sparked comparisons to the fiery Madrid captain.

Twitter users seemingly beg to differ, offering up a tide of other Ramos dopple-gangers.