Paul pushes for rematch after split decision loss to Fury

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In a fight that was originally scheduled back in December 2021 and postponed on two separate occasions, both competitors came into the contest boasting unbeaten records.

A relatively sloppy affair by professional boxing standards, both fighters were deducted a point by the referee.

First, Paul was docked a point for a shot to the back of the head in the fifth round but the ledger was evened in the sixth when Fury was penalised for excessive holding.

The biggest drama came in the eighth and final round as Paul connected and knocked Fury down, but he comfortably beat the count and looked on solid footing on the way to the final bell.

In the end, one judge scored the fight an even four rounds apiece, with Paul getting the edge 75-74 due to the knockdown, while the other two judges gave Fury a six rounds to two advantage and a pair of 76-73 scorecards.

There was no rematch clause written into the contract if Paul was named the winner but there was one in the event of Fury winning, and both fighters indicated afterwards they are prepared to go again.

"For the past two and a half years, this is all that's consumed my life," Fury said during his in-ring interview.

"I've had broken ribs, denied access, and everybody thought I was running scared.

"But tonight I made my own legacy – I am Tommy Fury.

"All the way through these two and a half years I had a dream, I had a vision I would win this fight and no one believed me.

"Now I can stand up and everybody can take note.

"In my first main event [at] 23 years old, I had the world on me, I had pressure on my shoulders and I came through.

"One hundred per cent [I will fight him again], this is my first main event.

"I'm only gonna go stronger, I'm only gonna go bigger, and I'm only gonna go better… if he wants a rematch bring it on."

In the press conference afterwards, Paul said the rematch is at the top of his list of future fights.

"Yeah, for sure, I think I've got to go and get this one back," he said.

"KSI is yet to fight a real opponent, so we don't even know his actual skill level, but that's obviously still a massive fight.

"But I'm going to go back for this rematch.

"I just talked to Tommy back in the medical room and he's like 'lets go, let's do it again' – so I think that will be the focus first and foremost.

"I'm going to prove that I can fight a better fight than I did tonight and get that W."