World Cup group stage power rankings

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The field has been halved, with the 16 teams entering the knockout stages of the 2018 FIFA World Cup in varying degrees of form. 

At one end of the list, the likes of Belgium, Croatia and Uruguay take the confidence of a 100 per cent winning record into the formative games. Established powerhouses such as Brazil, Spain and Portugal have navigated choppier waters to seal their place, while the likes of Japan, Argentina and Mexico have been the beneficiaries of circumstance.

 The boffins at beIN SPORTS have analysed the numbers, sifted through the headlines and re-watched the highlights to compile a table of Group Stage power rankings  for the last 16: 

1. Belgium

Showed the strength of depth with the 1-0 win over England. Flexed its attacking muscle with convincing wins over Tunisia and Panama.

Win-draw-loss: 3-0-0 Goals scored:Goals conceded: 2 Passing accuracy: 85.5%:  

2. Croatia

Eased through a tough group with three wins. Slight questions over Croatia's ability to score goals. That midfield though.

Win-draw-loss: 3-0-0 Goals scored:Goals conceded: 1 Passing accuracy: 81%:  

3. Uruguay

Got better with every game after squeezing past Egypt minus Mo Salah. Ended Russia’s run of form despite missing gun Atletico Madrid defender Jose Gimenez . 

Win-draw-loss: 3-0-0 Goals scored: 5 Goals conceded: 0 Passing accuracy: 85%:  

4. Spain

Topped the group of death, but was lucky to draw with Morocco and formerly fluid style looks vulnerable to fast counter-attacks, as shown by Portugal in that epic draw.

Win-draw-loss: 1-2-0 Goals scored: 6 Goals conceded: 5 Passing accuracy: 91.3%:  

5. Brazil

Topped the group for the 10th-straight World Cup,  with three tradesman-like displays. Flashes of brilliance but injuries have hampered rhythm.

Win-draw-loss: 2-1-0 Goals scored: 5 Goals conceded: 1 Passing accuracy: 88.6%:  

6. England

Needed that big win over Panama for confidence as much as anything. B-team pipped by Belgium into second and arguably the better run through the draw. Genuine match-winner in the form of captain Harry Kane.

Win-draw-loss: 2-0-1 Goals scored: 8 Goals conceded: 3 Passing accuracy: 88.7%:  

7. Portugal

Counter-attack clicked against Spain before sputtering out against Iran and Morocco. While-ever Ronaldo is playing and in form, Portugal is a threat.

Win-draw-loss: 1-2-0 Goals scored: 5 Goals conceded: 4 Passing accuracy: 81.3%:  

8. Sweden

Unlucky to lose to Germany. But a tough, malleable unit clicked against Mexico to top a difficult group. Questions remain over where the goals will come from.

Win-draw-loss: 2-0-1 Goals scored: 5 Goals conceded: 2 Passing accuracy: 72.9%:  

9. Mexico

Loss to Sweden left Mexico needing Korea Republic to beat Germany to advance. Scintillating on the counter, but what’s the plan B?

Win-draw-loss: 2-0-1 Goals scored: 3 Goals conceded: 4 Passing accuracy: 82.8%:  

10. Russia

Looked powerful in its first two games, amassing eight goals,  before folding against Uruguay. Tough assignment next up against Spain.

Win-draw-loss: 2-0-1 Goals scored: 8 Goals conceded: 4 Passing accuracy: 74.4%:  

11. France

Undefeated but manager Didier Deschamps is struggling to fit all the Ferraris into the garage . Next up is Argentina and it remains to be seen whether it's a good time or bad time to face Messi and co.

Win-draw-loss: 2-1-0 Goals scored: 3 Goals conceded: 1 Passing accuracy: 83.8%:  

12. Colombia

Too great a gap between its best and its worst. A lot depends on the injured James Rodriguez, who'll need his dancing shoes on against England.

Win-draw-loss: 2-0-1 Goals scored: 5 Goals conceded: 2 Passing accuracy: 80.7%:  

13. Switzerland

An important win over Serbia made the difference, as did Xhaka and Shaqiri - Switzerland's game-breaking dynamic duo.

Win-draw-loss: 1-2-0 Goals scored: 5 Goals conceded: Passing accuracy: 84.1%:  

14. Denmark

Lucky to escape Australia game with a draw, but showed resilience and end product against Peru. Needs Eriksen to take more control in attack, with a stacked Croatia midfield next up.

Win-draw-loss: 1-2-0 Goals scored: 2 Goals conceded: 1 Passing accuracy: 79.5%:  

15. Argentina

A jigsaw puzzle where the pieces are in the wrong places. Could be a masterpiece if Sampaoli and Messi can make them all fit properly. Will beat France if the game plan comes together.

Win-draw-loss: 1-1-1 Goals scored: 3 Goals conceded: 5 Passing accuracy: 84.5%:  

16. Japan

Good behaviour got them into the Round of 16 at Senegal’s expense. Belgium awaits.

Win-draw-loss: 1-1-1 Goals scored: 4 Goals conceded: 4 Passing accuracy: 84.7%: