Lorenzo: F1 can learn from MotoGP

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MotoGP is more fun and spectacular than Formula One at the moment, according to Spanish rider Jorge Lorenzo.


Jorge Lorenzo believes Formula One can learn plenty from MotoGP, which he feels is "much more spectacular" on the track. F1 has been criticized for becoming boring, particularly with Mercedes dominant, and Lorenzo said there were lessons to be learned.

The duo of Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton finished well clear of their rivals during the 2016 F1 season.

"F1 can learn from MotoGP on the track and MotoGP can learn from F1 off the track. That's the simple way to define it," Lorenzo, who also praised F1 for finding better sponsors, told Crash.net. "For example, I think MotoGP is the greatest show in motorsport at this moment. It is much more spectacular and much more fun than Formula One.

"But the F1 paddock is very smart, and there are not so many people and this is much better for the drivers. They can walk freely in the paddock."