Pele compares Jesus to Neymar

Brazil legend Pele has likened the Gabriel Jesus's style to that of his Selecao team-mate Neymar, anticipating a fruitful partnership between the pair at the FIFA 2018 World Cup in Russia. 

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"I think Neymar has a little more experience than him, but both have the same style of game," he said. "They are both two forwards that will give Brazil success in the future."

However, the three-time World Cup winner cautioned that the team needs to be playing well as a unit, rather than relying on a couple of superstars to get the job done.

"Listen, this is very difficult to say because today people mention one or two good players, but who won the game and [the] World Cup is the team," Pele said. "Individually it is difficult to say people [did it]. Sometimes one team have a better one [player]. For example, Barcelona have Lionel Messi, one player, but they have a lot of good players. 

"To win the World Cup, or to win the game it has to be a nice team not just one player.

"…Of course, always we [Brazil] expect to win [the World Cup]. I think Brazil has good new players and the team has more experience because most of the players that play for the national team play outside [of Brazil]. This is important. 

"What we need now is to get a nice team and let them play. I think it will be an excellent World Cup and I wish Brazil make the final."